Welcome to the Gene Expression Deconvolution Interactive Tool (GEDIT). Please submit or select your mixture and reference matrix.

Submitted files can be either tab-separated or comma-separated matrices, with the first column as gene sybols (e.g. CASP4) and the first row as sample names.

A local and fully updated version of the tool is available here, and also on GitHub
A preprint of the GEDIT manuscript is available on bioRxiv here.

Input Data:
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SampleMix1 -- Human Immune Cells -- Illumina HT12 beadarray
SampleMix2 -- Human Skin Diseases -- Various Platforms

Reference Matrix to Be Used:
LM22 -- Newman et al -- RNA-Seq
ImmunoStates -- Vallania et al -- RNA-Seq
Blueprint -- Martens and Stunnenberg -- RNA-Seq
ENCODE -- ENCODE Project Consortium -- RNA-Seq
Human Body Atlas -- Su et al -- Affymetrix U133A/GNF1H
Skin Signatures -- Swindell et al -- Affymetrix Genome Plus 2.0/Illumina Human HT-12 V3.0
Human Primary Cell Atlas -- Mabbott et al -- Affymetrix U133 Plus 2.0

Tabula Muris Reference -- Tabula Muris Reference -- Single Cell RNA-Seq
Mouse Body Atlas -- Lattin et al -- Affymetrix 430 2.0 Array
ImmGen -- Heng et al -- Affymetrix Gene 1.0 ST

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